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Take Notes Fellas: TI Surprise His Wife For Her Birthday

It’s no secret that T.I. spares no expense when it comes celebrating his better half Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris. Not only does TI give exceptional gifts to his wife, he always find thoughtful ways to surprise her with the gifts. This year, the rapper continued that trend with a clever birthday surprise for his love.

The Friends and Family Hustle stars hit the town to celebrate Tiny’s birthday. Check out the video he shared on his IG account as he surprise her for her 45th bday. Fellas take notes, we know everyone don’t TI dollars but consider the thought that went into celebrating her special day.

A Guide To Teaching Sons The Art Of Chivalry

Take your time.

Chivalry is dead. So everyone claims. Come to think of it; one could argue that the concept of equating honor to the excellent set of rules of the knighthood, from the Middle Ages, is a bit disingenuous. We know that the woman from this past was the most maligned, mistreated, and abused human being in the history of gender relations. Think of the royal men and kings who sent their wives to the gallows for merely failing to bear male heirs. Now, ask yourself, is there any need to resurrect chivalry?

The above prologue should not let us abandon our moral codes. Given that most of the vices such as conflicts, dishonesty, hatred, and initiating war, often arise from the male populous, it is incumbent upon society to take a closer look at parenting the male child. READ MORE...